Need to edit your item? View directions here.


1. I can edit my template, but it won't save with the new information. How can I save my information?

If you have edited your invitation and selected File>Save As and your file reverts back to its original state, you likely have an older version of Adobe Reader. You will need to close all PDF files, download the latest Adobe Reader at and then reopen the template and re-edit the file. The new version must be downloaded and is called Adobe Reader DC. Simply making updates to the older version on your system may not work. I would also suggest restarting your system after downloading the new software and before re-editing the PDF template.


If you have ensured that you have and are using Adobe Reader DC but you are still having issues with saving the new information, please take a photo of the template open on your system and send it to me via Etsy conversation or by email at I will need to see the entire screen from top to bottom to help assess potential issues.


2. How can I edit my PDF template on my phone or tablet?

Although many devices allow you to view PDF files, they do not have the editing capabilities to properly edit and save PDF templates. Tablet-based laptops such as a Chromebook will not work either as many of them use application-based versions of software instead of the full versions that PCs and MACs use.


3. How can I see my file without the blue highlights and will they print?

The blue highlights will not print. Only your text will print. To remove the blue highlights so you can see what your file looks like without them, follow the below steps:

  1. After saving your file as a new PDF, go to "Edit" and select "Preferences" from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select "Forms" from the left-hand menu options.
  3. Beneath the "Hightlights" section of the Forms page, uncheck the "Show border hover color for fields" box. The blue highlighted areas will no longer be visible.


4. I would like to send my invitation as an evite by text, email, or on social media. How can I do this?

See my Evite Creation page for instructions on how to save your file as a single JPG file to be used as an evite that can be sent via text, email, or on social media.


5. I can see the template on my screen, but it won't allow me to edit.

If you have the template open on a PC or MAC and you are still unable to edit, it may be one of the below issues:

  1. If you have Adobe Acrobat, be sure to select Adobe Reader DC as the software for opening/editing (Do not to click the "Edit" button. Simply click in the blue highlighted text box you wish to edit.)
  2. If you have a Mac, you will not be able to use Preview to edit. The template must be opened in Adobe Reader DC.
  3. You may have an older version of Adobe Reader and you will need to download the latest version. See #1 for download instructions.
  4. After downloading, be sure you have the template open in the actual Adobe Reader DC software and not in a web browser. Some systems automatically open PDF files in a web browser window. This will not allow the needed editing functions. If you see website tabs at the top of your screen, the template is likely open in a web browser.
  5. See a screen shot of what an editable PDF template should look like when opened in Adobe Reader DC (PC & MAC views).


6. I can edit my template, but it won't allow me to change the font or text size. How can I do this?

If you prefer a different font, text color, and/or text size, highlight or click into the text box you wish to change and select CTRL+E (PC) or COMMAND+E (MAC). An editor box will appear. This may take a moment to appear. If you have done this, but the editing box will not appear, you may have an older version of Adobe Reader. This function only works in Adobe Reader DC. See #5 for troubleshooting suggestions.


7. What are my options for printing my items?

Because most of my items are created with multiple prints per standard 8.5x11 (A4) page size, you can print them anywhere that can print on this size paper, including most standard home printers. Card stock paper is suggested. These items can't be printed through a photo lab due to the size and file type.



  • Home and office printers (be sure to have sufficient ink and to follow the suggestions on my Printing Tips page)
  • Staples (in-store and online)
  • Kinkos (in-store and online)
  • Office Depot (in-store only; see #8)
  • Any local print shop that can print PDF files on 8.5x11 (A4) paper size



  • Vistaprint (needs very specific dimensions and file types)
  • Walmart (only prints photo files)
  • Walgreens (only prints photo files)
  • CVS (only prints photo files)
  • Costco (mainly prints photo files and needs very specific sizes for non-photo type items)
  • Sam's Club (mainly prints photo files and needs very specific sizes for non-photo type items)
  • Office Depot online (see #8)
  • Shutterfly
  • Zazzle (If you prefer to order prints and have them mailed to you, most of my items are also for sale through my Zazzle shop.)


You will not be able to use any invitation template system unless you worked with me on a custom order where I provided files for these invitation systems. You will also be unable to use other template-based websites such as Vistaprint and Shutterfly. These websites require single files in very specific dimensions. If you need to print through these sites, please contact me. There is a $5 design set-up fee and I will need your event details as well as to know which site and template you plan to upload the files onto.


8. I am trying to order prints online through Office Depot, but my text is not visible. Why?

Although you can print with Office Depot, you must take the files into a location near you to have them printed. Their online printing portal will strip the template of all editable areas leaving only the background image and the original non-editable text.


9. Why isn't the backside of my invitation shaped like front?

If you are printing a onesie or uniquely shaped invitation, the backside will be a full page print and not shaped like the front initially. This is to ensure that when you use the front as a guide for cutting, that the backside will be the full pattern and that no trim lines will be showing on the back after cutting.


10. My item is printing differently than what I'm seeing on my screen. Why?

There can be many reasons, but if you are printing from a PDF, please note that your Adobe Reader software must be up to date or it may not print correctly on a home or a commercial printer. A free, up-to-date version can always be found at


Computers also use a different color coding system (RGB) than printers (CMYK). So even though your items should print very closely to what you see on screen, there may be some very minor differences.


If the color of your invitation is printing very different than what's shown in my shop, please take a photo of the printed image and contact me via Etsy conversation with the image attached. A photo of the printed version must be provided in order for me to provide assistance.


11. There's a little black box with a white plus sign on my template and it's printing. Why?

This little black box indicates that there is too much text in that particular text box. There are two ways to resolve this issue depending on the root cause:

  1. If you have more details than will fit in the box dimensions, you will either need to revise your text so it fits or you will need to decrease the text size. See #6 for how to do this. As a suggestion, most people can read text that is 10-point or larger.
  2. You may have hit the Enter key after your last line of text. This will indicate to the template that there is more text in the non-visible portion of the box even when there is no additional text. To resolve, place your cursor after the last word in the text box and hit the Delete key until the black box disappears.


12. I edited the template on a PC/MAC and emailed it to myself for printing. When I opened as an attachment on my phone, the template is blank. Why?

The template can only be edited and opened with the details in place on a PC or MAC in the latest version of  Adobe Reader. If the template is opened in any other PDF reading software or on a hand-held device, the details may be skewed or completely gone.


13. The print shop I'm using can't open the files because it is password protected. Why?

All of my files are password protected to prevent them from being opened in design editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The file can only be opened, edited, and printed using the latest version of Adobe Reader. If the print shop you are using is attempting to open the file in a different program, please ask them to use Adobe Reader. If they open it in Adobe Reader, they cannot click on the "Edit" button. This will also ask for a password.


14. The template looks skewed on the computer at the print shop I'm using. Why?

If the print shop you are using is attempting to open the file in a different program other than Adobe Reader, please ask them to use Adobe Reader. It may look wrong in any other PDF reading software. A good way to tell if the file is opened in the correct program (Adobe Reader) is if the blue highlighted* boxes are still over the editable text areas. If the blue boxes are not visible, the file is likely not opened in the correct program. *Some systems use a different color highlight, but one should still be visible.


15. Why does it ask for a password when I click the "Edit" button in Adobe Reader?

The "Edit" button doesn't need to be clicked in order for you to edit the editable text boxes provided in the template. The "Edit" button in Adobe Reader allows extra editing functions which are prohibited for these designs. Only the editable text boxes may be edited and only in Adobe Reader DC.